All my favorite 90s TV characters were kinda jerks

My husband, Ben, recently bought the complete series of Home Improvement. I was perplexed by this purchase despite the world being in the grip of 90s nostalgia. It’s such a random show to own. (more…)

All the movies I thought my cat would like that she didn’t give a shit about

After discovering my cat, Bonkers, liked watching cat videos on YouTube, I thought what better way to entertain her than by showing her movies. Ben and I think we’re discerning film reviewers. Turns out we’re hacks compared to Bonks. (more…)

side project

My husband and I have started a blog. In it we review the 1000 odd DVDs in our collection, in (mostly) alphabetical order.

I’m excited to watch the many movies I haven’t seen, and revisit a few favorites. I also hope that writing on a regular basis will spark my creativity and help me keep up with this blog as well!

Feel free to join us over at From The Abyss to Zoolander!