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why I won’t be liking so much stuff on Facebook anymore


rawpixel-unsplash-phone.pngImage via Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I was sitting behind a young woman on the bus. My seat was positioned higher than the seat where she sat, giving me a perfect view of her phone as she scrolled through Instagram. I don’t actively try to read other people’s screens, but the way this lady was interacting with the photo app caught my attention. She was scrolling through her feed with a speed and fervor I’d never personally witnessed. Each photo was glanced at for a mere second (at most), before being liked. And she was liking every single photo in her feed. Pets, food, fashion… The actual content of the image didn’t seem to matter. Everything was getting a double-click. It was mesmerizing. (more…)

my 5 favorite instagram accounts (right now)

I was a bit slow to adopt Instagram. The app gets a lot of flack for housing way too many selfies, food pics, and hashtag overuse, so I avoided it for several months. But I love photography and sharing my photographs, so I eventually gave in. Now I check it every day, several times a day. (more…)