In my previous post I shared my inspiration and final save the dates for my wedding last July. This time I’ll be sharing the reception centerpieces.

When designing the centerpieces I wanted to accomplish two things: 1. play on the movie theme in a fun way, and 2. save money. Early on in planning stages I noticed a trend of non-floral centerpieces on Pinterest. I liked this idea, it was a nice nod to the couple’s shared interests. These decorations were also unique, and if I chose to forgo flowers completely, would be much less expensive than traditional centerpieces.


book & photo frame centerpiece from CJ’s Off the Square blog; rolled sheet music centerpiece from Wedding Bee forums/Andrea Dozier Boutique Photography

Next I needed to brainstorm objects that would bring to mind a movie theater. Movie reels, popcorn, 3D glasses, clapperboards, boxed candies… there were lots of fun options! I wanted a variety of heights and shapes, so I chose a combination of popcorn boxes, boxed theater candies, and 3D glasses.


sweetheart table decorations, photography by Alexandra Siebenthal; guests having fun with centerpiece items in the photo booth; smaller centerpiece placed on cocktail tables, photography by Alexandra Siebenthal

I stuffed the popcorn boxes with crumpled newspaper, and had them topped with popcorn. Other than that I didn’t have a specific vision for what the centerpieces would look like. I left that detail up to the venue’s coordinator the day of. She did a great job, even adding some science fiction movie postcards I had originally ordered as thank you cards for additional height and color.

The final product turned out great! These centerpieces were a big hit with our guests. They loved wearing the 3D glasses and snacking on the candy and popcorn throughout the evening. The decorations were a fun nod to the movie theme and added to the casual feel of the event.

And the best part (as far as our bank account is concerned)– this all cost less than $60! I did have a little help in the form of an Amazon gift card I earned through, but even without that the total would have only cost around $100. Not too shabby considering  some floral centerpieces can cost $100 each.

centerpiecesPin friendly image– feel free to share!

Want to recreate these centerpieces? Here’s where I found everything:

  • Popcorn boxes from
  • Unsalted, unbuttered popcorn from my local grocery store (I didn’t want butter to stain the venue’s linens!)
  • Boxed theater candy from Wal-Mart (Our local store had a big bin with a large variety at $0.98 per box.)
  • 3D glasses from
  • Science Fiction movie poster postcard book from
  • Tea lights provided by the venue (but you can purchase them quite cheaply from Ikea)

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